I love my beautiful painting and am hanging it on the wall opposite my bed for easy viewing and contemplation. I do see the cherubim above me...One (the female) bring up the essence of Aunt Barbara, my first spiritual mentor and closest friend when she was alive. It's comforting to see her here with me still. I also can see many crystals...standing on a bed of crystals...and wondrous points throughout. It will be fun and inspiring to find out what pops up next.
   Pamela Arwine,

   Quantum Healing Energetics

I presume that you paint things or people or beings based on feeling inspired to do so, and I couldn't imagine that I am all that inspiring. The painting is exquisite, lovely, beautiful, and I find it mesmerizing. It is challenging for me to quantify spiritual things. The language or the words necessary to communicate such things to others doesn't come easily to me. I have all these ideas and feelings and such, but they don't fall neatly into any sort of word based descriptions.
My sense of the painting is that it is somehow connected to my future. I don't know what makes me think or feel that way, but I trust my "intuition". I look at it, and I don't see Me as I currently know or experience as the One in the painting. It is more like Me I'd like to become, or Me that is waiting in the wings (angel pun intended).
   Neil Walker,


When I look into the painting the first thing I see is that I am inside of a clear ball that has a sparkly, white glow coming down from the top. The ball is clear and I can see the many green and white things that are growing outside of it. I am not certain what these things are, but as I feel being inside a clear ball, I see many balls of different colors, some are pale, and some have deep, rich values. I feel calm, protected and peaceful.
   Sallie Posnyak,


As I sat down to look at the painting, warm feeling of recognition of something sacred washed over me. I closed my eyes and listened to it. Beautiful Music came to mind, a Waltz. It was Strauss, "Beautiful Blue Danube( river)" Feelings and words just washed over me: Empowerment, Belief in myself, Conductor of Magic in my life, Manifestor, Magician, Empowered with ability to change lives, to be a gift to others, to be reborn and cleansed, to be strong, yet soft power of change. To be Awakened!
Every time I am in meditative state, the color indigo with a touch of gold stays with me in my "travels", and that is the color of this paining.
   Tamara Bezman, LLH

Even though I see miracles are happening with me ALL THE TIME, I am still in owe and wonder of this magic and I am still so surprised it is real. I would love to know how this stream of information impacts people and you are one of the people. Thank you for trusting me with bringing your Spirit closer to you. I am open to any comments. There is no ego involved as these are not my paintings. They are an expression of YOUR highest energy that I feel tuning in your bigger Self.

I have been told by psychics that these paintings will be a great healing tool for so many. We are very visual in our connection to life. These paintings express Infinity and Bliss that are part of your true essence. Your Higher Self talks to you through sight, touch and sound, conveying specific transformational frequencies through your painting! Even those who may get them for the pleasure of a pretty picture will receive a subconscious download from their Powerful Soul.
   Infinite Blessings,