As our Souls travel Eternity taking on new roles, challenges and missions, we are blessed with fleeting moments of Truth and Recognition that help us remember who we are. Divine Mirrors are reflections of your Soul's beauty and God's Essence within you.

Working and meditating with your personal multidimenasional painting opens a pathway to your Higher Self, creating cascade of powerful manifestations in your life.

Reflector by Design, Svetlana always had a natural ability to sense and mirror people's Highest Gifts and Miracles. In the fall of 2007 she began channeling images of people's Light frequencies, connecting individuals to their Spirit, Guides and Purpose.

Svetlana's paintings helped many people experience their essential nature and manifest their True Destiny. Your personal painting, channeled specifically for you, is a Gift Message from your Matrix Heart that is sent to assist you in knowing your Grace, Purity and Power.

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